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Cloud-based image processing
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What Is Object AI?

Object AI applies advanced Computer Vision algorithms to detect the objects in photos automatically.
E-commerce Product Photo Editing

When you have a photo of a product that you sell on your online store, you don't care about graphical wizardry. You just want to remove the background, tweak the brightness and colors, and upload it to your online catalogue.

You just want to get on with what you do best: Selling great products with great product photos.

Other Software makes Photo Editing a Chore

Removing the image background in most photo-editing software is tedious and time-consuming, even when you know how to do it. And if you're not already a Photoshop expert, it can be a real chore to get the results you want.

And that's just one photo! What about when you have a whole catalogue of product photos that you want to process in a hurry?

Made Specifically for Product Photos

Here at Object AI, we say: If you have a photo with just one object in it, editing that photo should not be so difficult!

Especially if you've already gone to the effort of taking the photo in front of a smooth, well-lit background!

Object AI is Photo Editing for Humans

Don't waste time tracing pixel-by-pixel around objects in photo images. Object AI uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the pixel-tracing chores, so you can focus on the results you want, quickly and easily.

Object AI: It's photo editing for humans.

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